I hope that if you are serious enough to want to raise your average above 180 that you take the time to watch the best in the world.  Every week I watch the PBA televised events, even though the matches were decided weeks, to months ago.    Sometimes I have to DVR the telecasts to watch them, due to a busy schedule.  There are many things you can pick up whether it is a new way to make a spare, a different angle to attack the lanes, or just understand what the new equipment is supposed to do.  The one thing I have noticed with younger bowlers today is that they have tried to evolve along with the game to create more revolutions by either throwing with two hands or throwing with one hand and no thumb to create more revolutions.

Osku Polermaa and Jason Belmonte are a rare breed that has mastered the two handed bowling technique.  While this technique may work for some, I don’t think this is a great way to teach new bowlers, and bowlers that are averaging below 180 to play the game.  As I have talked about in the past one of the most important pieces to the game is spare shooting, and filling frames.  I personally believe that it is best to shoot at spares with one hand and to teach great techniques about keeping your hand behind the ball.  When throwing with two hands or without a thumb, bowlers have a tendency to throw a ball that has a much more aggressive hook, and therefore make spare shooting a guessing game due to the fact that you have to not only take in account the hook of the ball but know the entire lane as to where the oily, and dry spots are.   Throwing with two hands in my mind makes this game a lot harder to teach, and will frustrate that average bowler.

With that said there are great benefits to throwing with two hands as we saw this week watching the WSOB.  On the first ball there is a major advantage to throwing with two hands if you can control your hook.  Almost all two handed bowlers that have worked at this technique throw the ball extremely hard, and when hit the pocket get some amazing pin action.  Part of the reason there is such great pin action is because the ball is coming in at an extremely fast rate, but more importantly comes in at a greater angle into the pocket giving you the best chance to strike.  Osku proved this to be true again and again getting some amazing pin action, and catching a few breaks along the way to secure his first ever PBA major title, and become the first two handed bowler to do so.

Please remember as a bowler to stay within yourself, and to do what you can physically do.  Not everyone can throw with two hands or no thumb.  Again I would not encourage this technique as it will be harder to stay consistent in your shot.  If you are a two handed bowler or a bowler that throws with no thumb we would like to hear your comments below as to how you learned to throw this shot, and what you average in your league, and why you think this is a great technique.

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