Hank Boomershine is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Storm Products, Inc. Hank recently became the USBC’s newest Gold Level Coach.  Hank begins by sharing his thoughts on the passing of  Don Carter, and a piece of memorabilia that many bowlers would love to have.  Hank joins us to discuss the newest piece by Roto Grip the Defiant, and how long the ball has been in the works.  Hank goes into great detail on the core and talks about what he calls “turbulence”.  Take a look at Wes Malott DEFIANT video here.  We then dive into Hank’s coaching expertise and find out his thoughts on what keeps bowlers from taking their game to the next level.

Note:   Hank was using the word turbulence in relation to the instability of the core as it approaches its PSA.  With the bands turning down instead of up near the PSA, it causes a bit of instability as it migrates towards the PSA.