Positive Access Point

By John Baker Sr.

Legends Last Forever

We are all saddened by the passing of Don Carter this week. He was a class act and one of my heroes of bowling. I remember reading his book and trying to emulate his style with the bent elbow as a kid . I could never master that and I could only hope to have a career even near this great. I consider myself lucky to have met Mr. Carter in 1979 during a Tour stop in Anaheim , CA . Our tribute here is to show what a great career he had .

Don Carter’s Career Stats

  • Voted Greatest Bowler of All-Time, Post 1950’s All-American By Bowling Magazine’s Banel of Experts. [1971]
  • Inducted Into ABC Hall of Fame. [1970]

  • Inducted Into PBA Hall of Fame. [1975] (Charter Member)

  • St. Louis, Missouri, Miami Hall of Famer.

  • Four BPAA All-Star Tournament titles. (Record)

  • Five World Invitational Titles. (Record)

  • ABC Masters Champion [1961]

  • Six PBA National Tour Including 1960 PBA National Championship.

  • Holds PBA Record With 18 Top Five Finishes In One Year [1962]

  • Tied for PBA Record With Seven Consecutive Top Five Finishes.

  • Two-Time BPAA National Team Champions Member.

  • Member Pfeiffer Beer and Carter Glove ABC Tournament Classic Division Team Champions.

  • Member Budweiser’s National Team Match Games Champions [1956-1959]

  • Member 1958 Budweiser Team That Held ABC Five-Man Team Series Record (3,858) Until 1994.

  • 1962 Hickok Bowler of The Decade Award Winner.

  • Six Time BWAA Bowler of The Year.

  • Eight Time Bowling Magazine First Team All-American.

  • Two Time PBA Member of The Year.

  • Two Time PBA President.

  • ABC National League High Average Winner [234 In 1959]

  • First To Bowl 1,900 All Events Three Times In ABC Tournament. [1951-53]

  • First To Bowl An 800 Series On Television [809, National Bowling Champion, 1956]

  • First To “Make That Spare” On National Television; First To “Make That Spare” Twice.

  • First To Crack The Jackpot On “Jackpot Bowling” TV Show.

  • First Bowler Selected For The Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame.

  • First Athlete Ever To Sign A Million Dollar Promotional Contract.

  • First Bowler To Have A PBA Tournament Named In His Honor.

  • First Bowler To Win Every Major Bowling Tournament In His Era.

  • 1993 Brunswick Memorial World Open honoree.

  • 1995 Salute To Champions Honoree

  • 1997 Inducted Into Florida State Hall of Fame.

  • 1973 Inducted Into Missouri State Hall of Fame.

    2000 Voted Bowler of The Century, by Bowler’s Journal Magazine

Thank you Don Carter for all that you gave us during your time and you will be missed by us all.

Don Carter               7/29/26 – 1/5/12.