If there is one thing we can take away from this week’s telecast of the PBA’s WSOB it’s that CHANGE IS GOOD.  It’s an inevitable fact of life if you want to be great at something you need to continue to change and adapt to the environment around us.  Whether it’s work or play times are changing, and we need to change for the better as well.

This week I would like to focus on making changes in our game, and not being afraid of change, because we can learn from every experience out on the lanes.  Watching Stuart Williams win this week really made me step back and think about how change is good in bowling.  Stuart Williams didn’t prove this week that he is physically the best player on the tour, he proved that he is a great mastermind of the lanes, and is NOT AFRAID OF CHANGE.  For those of you who missed the telecast.  Stuart Williams started off by using one ball and one target line in the first game.  By the end of the first game Stuart continued to use the same ball, but had two different targets on the two separate lanes.  By the second game he had completely moved off his initial starting line, and was throwing further inside than in the previous game.  At the end of the second game he realized that one lane was breaking down much different the other, and had the guts to use two different bowling balls starting the third game.  Stuart was the only player to use two balls on two lanes that day, and won the tournament because of it.

Many times when we bowl in league we step on the lanes for our very first shot of practice and go to the exact same spot we start at every week.  Our goal is to find the strike line as soon as possible, but isn’t also important to warm up, and make spares as well.  This week I challenge you to step up on the lanes, and on your first practice shot stand all the way to the left and try to just knock down the ten pin.  If you knock it down great, and if you don’t oh well, either way you still have your chance to find your strike line on your second shot.  Don’t waste any shots in practice, and remember CHANGE IS GOOD.  Make changes your wouldn’t normally make, because if it works you’ll look like a genius, and if it doesn’t you learn really quick to never make that mistake again.  Whatever the case may be take chances, and remember to keep making adjustments because CHANGE IS GOOD.

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