Positive Access Point

By John Baker Sr.

Building a better Bowler

Building a better bowler isn’t a idea for a bad television series. Building a better bowler does take some determination and hard work. We will start with the body itself. You can;t compete on a level without proper nutrition. I am not saying that you have to be on a certain diet or take some expensive protein / super body powder drink. Proper nutrition can start simply by making sure you feed your body when it is hungry, don’t skip meals but again don’t overeat either. Good carbs (rice, oats , popcorn) should be eaten 16 to 24 hours ahead of time and for carb boost you should eat potatoes, pancakes, power bars with higher carb counts. Those should be eaten 4 to 6 hours before your sets. Be careful eating too much quick carbs can make you slow and sleepy. Fresh fruit eaten an hour before your set will give you an energy boost without the sugar crash like candy will.4 ozs .of protein a day will keep your muscles healthy, but vary the protein (fish one day , meat, chicken) so that your body gets the right combination.

Honestly, eating a bite of carb, one of protein, one bite of vegetable in that order will help your body process nutrients at peak nutritional value.

Practice practice practice. We all have heard that, but is important to do so. Make sure you vary your practice sessions . Bowl a complete game, next practice your spares especially your corner pins as those have a tenancy to get away from us. While in practice it is also important to get a chance to use your equipment by changing balls and lining up with the different set ups you may have in you bag. Vary your practice times to get different oil conditions and if you get the chance different houses. Finally if you get the chance to practice on a sport or Kegel navigational patterns by all means do so! It will make a HUGE difference in your game on the house patterns by making you much more accurate. A great way to get practice without the price is try to sub as much as possible. A great way to get real practice at no cost to you.

Workouts are an important part of building a better bowler. Lets start with the legs, a majority of power comes from the legs . Make sure you do exercises like squats, inner leg extensions and your quad lifts. This will help our balance and power by keeping your knee bend solid and balanced at the line. Bowling is a about strength but balanced strength . Long and lean muscles work better and have a smaller chance of injury. A great tool I use is resistance bands. They may not look like much but after a few repetitions you can feel the difference. Light weight work can help too but remember your not trying to bulk up but just gain strength and endurance. You will want to work all your upper body especially arms, chest , shoulders and back.

2 to 3 workouts a week will be a help. Always give your body time to recover and if it hurts you are doing too much. Some soreness is normal and you have to judge what is sore and what hurts.

So to wrap it up Eat well , sleep well and do your homework. The better you take care of yourself the better chance you give yourself.