Was it that bad, not really, but it sure felt like punch to the gut.

Ever had one of those nights were the scores weren’t necessarily horrible, but at no point did if feel like you had complete control. I did last night, scores were alright, but I never felt like was able to figure out the lanes and get big scores. It wasn’t a total loss though, the night consisted of a 531 series (147, 195, 189) and my team won 3 out of 4 points but I left feeling like I bowled a 400.

 The first game was rough from the start, leaving some tough spares (3 splits) which was equaled by only 3 strikes. Nothing was consistent either but thankfully I went spare, strike in the 10th to salvage a 147, but after a solid finish I had a little confidence going into my 2nd game.

I opened the 2nd game with a double and a 7/ but I started second guessing myself in the 3rd frame after my strike shot didn’t go pocket. I then went open in both the 4th and the 5th (missed a 10 pin in the 5th, I know, a no-no) but finally put it somewhat together near the end to close with a 195. I’ll say it again though, I was working the whole time, what worked once didn’t seem to work again, the lanes were consistently changing and the adjustments couldn’t be found.

 The 3rdand final game wasn’t going to bad at all until the 10th, had a clean going game and my worst shot of the night occurred. But even during a game that seemed to be going alright, I still didn’t have much confidence, even during my 4 strikes, 2 of those were brooklyn’s which I was lucky on. Now, I’d be lying to say that come the 3rdgame I wasn’t happy with the strikes but I know (like many people out there) if I hit a brooklyn, I missed my spot. Finished the 3rd game with a 189, to finish with a 531 series (177 avg).

 The night wasn’t for not though, there were positives. Despite not having a feel for the lanes the whole night, I gutted out a 531, I’ve felt better during nights and bowled worse so it is hard to complain to much. My team did take 3 out of 4 points to move up the standings, I would have liked to do better personally but doing well as a team is always fun. Finally, I moved past that first game quick, I could have let it kill the rest of my night but I didn’t. I may not have had a ton of momentum going during the night but to pull out a 195 and 189 after a 147, well I’ve crashed and burned after games like that before, but not last night.

 Now the quick stats update:

  • Average at the beginning of the night: 180.3
  • Average at the end of the night: 180.1
  • Spare percentage for the night: 63.2% (12/19)
  • Single spare percentage for the night: 83.3% (5/6)
  • Strike percentage for the night: 37.5% (12)

Now, after having the opportunity to sleep on it, I fell more confident in saying there is an element missing from my game but I can’t put my finger on it (partly because I’m just not that experienced as of yet). I have a 1 ball arsenal (well 2 but one of my bowling balls isn’t fit to me so I really can’t count it yet) and if things go bad with my primary ball, I’m in many ways, stuck. Plus, while I consider my Brunswick Diamondback my benchmark, there are nights when your benchmark ball it isn’t the best ball for the night. Right now I’m unable to make a switch if that is the case.

Another part of my struggles comes from the fact that I want to be at a 200 average right NOW, but these things take time. I want be able to have a off night and roll a 580 series or better, but these things take time. The fact that these goals are on paper (and to my reading public) and I know what I’m working towards is a start and more progress will be made! I’m not bowling at my highest levels I ever have, but I have bowled much worse so the improvement is there!

My mental game took a huge step forward last night as well. Like I said above, I have caved on nights where I started with a low score like a 147, but last night, I regrouped and finished better. I know I can get to those higher scores, I can and I will! Tonight was merely a bump in the road but I get to come back again next week and do it all again.

 Live and learn, and until next time… keep on rolling!!