Are You Ready for Tournament Time

By Derek Petty

Half of the 2011-2012 bowling season is over. For some a new season is about to start, for others it’s simply the halfway point. With winter upon us and tournaments around the corner, it’s time to rate your performance thus far. Are you where you want to be and if not, what do you need to do to perform better?

We are 17 to 18 weeks into the season. You’ve dusted the cobwebs off, your equipment feels good and you are comfortable with your game. Each week you are throwing more strikes and making more spares. If you aren’t, what does it take to continue to improve?  It may be time to carve out some (more) practice time or seek a coach in your area. You or they can help you fine tune the little things we individually may not think about to improve our game(s):

–          Alignment

–          Push Away

–          Arm swing

–          Tempo

–          Hand Position

–          Ball Layouts

–          Stamina/workouts

Any of the above could lead to more consistency and better performance. With just a few months before most association, state and national tournaments, there is no better time to continue to make improvements.