I thought I would take a few minutes to chat with Above 180.com contributor Matt Kennedy to talk about “The Journey”.  Matt is a normal guy like many of you are, he went to college(took some time off as many folks do), then came back to bowling and is working on his game weekly.  He still has weeks where he struggles to break 520, misses that 10-pin, and second guesses himself after league is over.  Take a listen as I talk to Matt about his goals, and what Above 180 can do to help him take his game to the next level.



  1. Alan Westendorf says:

    Nice piece on Matt. I started following him through a mutual friend on Twitter and now following his blog. I really relate to his journey as it sounds very similar to mine. I bowled youth leagues in the early 80’s thru my senior year (1988) I finished my youth leagues averaging about 180 – 185 with a gray Rhino and an AMF magicline rubber. took off the college years as well. Started up in leagues about 1993. bowled a lot over the next few years and got my average up to about 205. Got a transfer to another state in August of 1997 so took that year off, bowled 98-99, got transfered again in Sept of 99, so that was another year off. bowled in Nashville, TN during 2000-2001 and then transfered AGAIN in August 2001. After that transfer to Atlanta, things were tight so I did not bowl other than occassionaly a family outing until the summer of 2010 when I decided to bowl a summer league. I surprised myself. I figured I would come out and shoot in the 180’s after having been off so long, but I ended that summer league at 211! Continued bowling since then and have maintained that 211 average over the following winter and summer leagues. I have upgraded to new equipment(I currently have a Storm Reign Supreme and VG Nano and a Roto Grip Bandit) , had a couple of coaching sessions myself and I have set a goal to average 220 by the end of this season. I am currently at 216 after 15 of 32 weeks and have shot a career best series of 767.
    I continue to encourage Matt thru Twitter and offer advise when I can. I agree that one of the best things for him is to have equipment that is fit to him and have a coaching session with Video. I know with those tools, He can achieve that goal of hitting 190 by the end of the season and move onward toward 200. Keep up the great work.

  2. Alan Westendorf says:

    Take full advantage of getting some coaching sessions mentioned in the podcast. You will really get a new appreciation for your game when you see yourself on video and a coach can break it down, the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t be afraid to try something different if recommended. Take the drills and work them into your routine. make sure the coach also looks at the fit of your Brunswick ball (we already know the Cell needs to be re-fit). My last coaching session I had, my coach was working on getting me to relax my grip. I can do it occassionally but have still be way to inconsistant. Today, I met with a new ball driller and have discovered my span is really a slight bit too long and I have been using grips that are too tight. I am excited to see what changes get made and pushing my game to the next level – 220+. Keep up the hard work and you will succeed.

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