It all started so good, or so it seemed!

High game of 223, low of 145 and a final series of 540 bowling every game with my Brunswick Diamondback. Not bad (a 180 avg) but again not where I want to be! Looking back I can see where I was off, especially in the 3rd game, but I was oh so close to so much more. I was sitting at 395 and staring a 600 series right in the face going into the 3rd game and that is where the wheels fell off. Before I go into the 3rd game, here is a quick overview of the first two games.

Game one started up and down trading strikes with opens (never a good combo) but at least I was around the pocket. After leaving the 4th frame open, I closed out the remainder of the game for a 172. I know the score doesn’t look like much but closing out every frame (I did leave a 9 on the final throw in the 10th) gave me some much needed confidence going into the 2nd game. In that 2nd game, I put together a solid string of strikes, 5 in a row to be exact, leading into the 10th frame (went spare, strike, spare, spare through the first 4 frames) but the 10th apparently was a sign of things to come. In the 10th, my shot went high, left a split, wasn’t able to convert. Now on to the disaster game!

The 3rd game started good, opened with a perfect pocket strike, which left me hoping it was sign of things to come. Unfortunately the two opens that followed was the path I was going to go down instead. The final score ended up being a 145, my lowest in 5 weeks, but it wasn’t for not, I definitely learned some things last night. For example, in the 3rd game, I kept missing high. I made an adjustment, moved a board to the left, but it ended up being to much, I started missing to the right. Moved a little right (1/2 board this time), started missing high. Just could not find the right spot on the boards (or on the lanes obviously) to get the strike shot I had in the 2nd game, going in the 3rd. I’m also starting to learn how important balance is to a good shot! When my balance was good, so was my shot! I may not have had the result I wanted but the shot was much crisper and usually in the pocket.

Some positives on the night, 5 bagger in the 2nd game! It is always nice to string together strikes so I was pleased there. I converted over half of my spares, which is going in the right direction. Some of the negatives, obviously the 145 was something I could have done without. The single pin spare misses were upsetting (one 7 pin and one 10 pin) but I have been improving in that department so nothing to hang my head on. The other negative, which contributed to the low score in the 3rd game, had 7 opens on the night, 4 in the 3rd game. Hard to get high scores when leaving 4 opens in one game.

So where do I go from here?? For starters, while I want to be at a 200 average, I’m not going to complain to much about a 180 average on the evening or for that matter overall. The ultimate goal is to be much higher, but staying consistent is something to grow with. Practice is very important andI’llbe heading back to the lanes for some much needed practice tonigh. While I’m there, I plan on usingboth balls and work on my marks. I want to start using my RotoGrip more but I just don’t have a ton of confidence with it as of yet so that is another point of focus. Also I need to work on my mental game, I was pretty calm all and all last night but the 3rd game was very frustrating, so need a pick me up tonight!

Really quick stats update so everyone can follow along with my journey:

  • Average at the beginning of the night: 180
  • Average at the end of the night: 180
  • Spare percentage: 58%
  • Strike percentage: 40%

I know I left some specific details off about my night but is there something I’m missing that is contributing to my struggles? An adjustment I’m not making or if I am, it is the wrong adjustment? Or am I just a ball short in my arsenal to having some better things happen? I’m open to feedback and I hope I get some as well!!

Nobody said this journey would be easy but I look forward to the progress that can andwill be made. I’m trying to learn a little each night that can help me improve for the next time out! I do want to thank those that were chatting with me via twitter last night, it was a lot of fun (though it is tough to tweet a bunch with a 3 person team). I’ll try and chat a little each week, I like making it interactive

Well on to next week!! Until next time, keep on rolling!



  1. ALAN says:

    Matt, in reading your post you said you made a 1 board adjustment to the left after you had been missing high. What I don’t see mentioned is what did you do with your target? did you move your target or keep it the same? A 1 board adjustment is usually not going to cause that much variance to miss the pocket by that much, but not knowing the condition of the lanes, that is subjection on my part. If in fact the lateral adjustment was causing that much of a difference, the next adjustment should be to go back to your original stance and target and increase your ball speed slightly to hold line. Do this by lowering your ball in your setup and move quicker to the line with your FEET. It is not a function of THROWING the ball harder. Throwing the ball will cause you to be less accurate and therefore defeat the adjustment. As for arsenal, do you have a spare ball? If not, that is a piece I would suggest you pick up and learn to throw it straight as an arrow. Hope this gives you some starting points. Good Luck and Good Bowling.

  2. Matt Kennedy says:


    Thanks for the advice! Like I said in the post, I didn’t write all the details about my adjustments and such. I did (when I moved a little to the left) move my target with the move but it seemed as if the move was to much (compounded with me not being accurate with my target as well. I’ve been working hard on being quicker with my feet and having a consistent roll. I learned a long time again that throwing harder doesn’t do much, if anything it hurts. I’m still learning so I appreciate the insight. Please keep on reading as I embark on this journey (wherever it may lead)


  3. Alan is a great virtual coach, have learned a lot from his contributions to my blog!

    Now that I padded him on the back, you deserve some, too. You are keeping a positive attitude and you’re focused on learning from even the worst of games. Especially when you’re talking about each league night in a blog… you can’t help but overanalyze everything you do. Not just when it’s happening, but afterwards while you’re writing, too. Crazy what that type of thinking will do with your game. It really messed with me at first and took some getting used to.

    Enjoyed your first couple of posts, keep it up! Let’s keep reaching for glory!

    We need to get you a Storm or Roto Grip ball, though 😉

  4. Matt Kennedy says:

    Thanks for the kind words Tim! You’re right, when you start writing about your nights for posts, you analyze and overanalyze everything! You remember every bad shot but sometimes forget the best ones but it’s a lot of fun! Just looking forward to continually getting better and shooting for the above 200 avg and hopefully more. 300 game and 700/800 series’ are on that list as well. Let’s keep it going!! Skys the limit!!

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