Well, there you have it, we have a name for the column! Kind of nice isn’t it!!

What does it mean exactly? I’m going to chronicle my journey as I attempt to improve my 180 average (currently) to the 200’s and beyond! This will include (but certainly not limited to) any practice sessions (both good and bad), any coaching tips I receive (both good and bad), my league nights (you get the point), tournaments, and more. I also hope to learn more about the game of bowling during this endeavour. I, like many people, enjoy and love the game of bowling but I don’t necessarily know much more than what the typical person learns during league nights, but that will change. I want to learn how to improve my mental game, as that is one area that I know will help me improve. Additionally, I hope to have a better understanding of bowling balls and the differences that make each ball unique to different lane conditions and patterns. I hope to gain more knowledge that what I have mentioned, but those areas make a good starting point.

To give you an idea of where I’m starting on this journey, here are some of my current stats, along with my arsenal and some personal highs;

  • High Game: 279 (obtained this year, also rolled a 278 that included 11 strikes in a row)
  • High Series: 696 (obtained during 2008/09 season, previous high was a 658)
  • Current league average: 180 (low point of 176, high of 192)
  • Current league high series: 695 (second highest, low series of 460)
  • Current bowling ball arsenal: Brunswick Diamondback (#16), Roto Grip Mutant Cell (#15)

As you can see, I’m not a horrible bowler (at least I don’t think I’m a horrible bowler), I’m just not where I’d like to be at this time. Over this journey, I’d like to bowl my first 300 game and share the emotion that comes with it. A 700 and 800 series is also on the wish list so I can have a better understanding of how tough it is to not have a let up over 3 games. Eventually bowling in tournaments so I can experience different oil patterns and understand the mental angle that goes with it.

What to expect from here? As indicated earlier, I’m going to chronicle my journey from my 180 average to above, wherever above may be. New balls added to the arsenal, you’ll know about them; if I get a coach, you’ll hear about it; if I roll high games, you’ll know about them. Additionally, feedback is great! Did something I say help? Have some advice to offer? Something similar happen to you, please share!! I plan on occasion to tweet live during league nights (you can follow me @mkhawk21) as well as during other bowling adventures.

So here I go, on my journey to above 180! Enjoy the ride!! Until next time, keep on rolling!



  1. Alan says:

    Enjoy the journey! I remember my first 700 oh so many years ago (back when it was still an ABC honor score!) The greatest key to success in this sport is to be able to relax and stay consistant. Forget the bad shot you just threw, focus on the current shot and don’t worry about what “might” or “could” happen “if” something does or doesn’t happen in the future. Good Luck.

  2. Matt Kennedy says:

    Thanks Alan! I’ve been bowling for sometime but still learning the game. I, in many ways, feel like a beginner, thats why I enjoy the direction of this column. Also, thank you for the advice, one of my biggest downfalls at this point is I think to much about the bad shots rather than focusing on the next shot. Still striving towards consistent 600’s and towards my first 700. Thanks for reading and come back again!

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