Hello to all of the avid bowling fans out there.  My name is Mike the Messenger, and like many of you, I too love the game of bowling.  I am not a pro bowler by any means, in fact I am the average family man who only gets to bowl one night a week, and enters a couple of tournaments a year.   I feel as though I can relate to many of the people going to this wonderful site for advice in that I am always looking to improve my game, and improve every time I get a chance to get out and bowl.

In my column I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in the USBC, PBA, as well as offer insightful opinions.  To get us ready for this bowling season, I thought it was essential to share with you the PBA’s TV Schedule so you can not only watch the best bowlers in the world, but also pick up a few tips along the way.  Whether you “know the wood” from Randy Petersen, or pick up a spare tip by watching Norm Duke hold his finish on that ringer ten pin, I will be here to break down the TV events, and keep you informed on all things BOWLING.

Until next time, Shred that Rack!


The Messenger