Of the many hobbies that I enjoy, one of my favorite has to be bowling in my winter league. $10 a week is nothing compared to the highs and lows that come with a 30 week league. What makes these so enjoyable, lets take a look.

Every league, while different, are similar in many ways; from the competition to the socializing, leagues have something for everyone. Many leagues have end of the year prizes to be won, USBC awards to be earned and in some leagues, money to be made. What part brings you to your local bowling center?

As for me, I love the competition! Whether it is the mental game against myself or the heads up match up against the other team, I want to win every match (both team and individual)! But that isn’t it, the chance to get better at this game we know and love brings me back better year! Whether it is a new high game, high series or new high average, improving is the driving force.

Another aspect that I enjoy is the handicap angle to leagues. I know some don’t like the handicap system, but in regards to attempting to level the playing field, handicaps do that. I bowl in a league that has averages as high as the 200’s and as low as the mid 50’s but the teams you would think have the best records don’t. Now, I get the idea that it can be discouraging to have a 180 or above average but lose to someone with a high handicap that barely rolls 100, but that isn’t what it is all about. To that other person, that 100 game is a big deal, the same way that a 200 is to others. It is all in the eye of the beholder. Fact of the matter though, some of these people just enjoy the night together rather than the score they post. Not everyone is bowling for the same reasons as you and I, for some, league is just something to do over the winter.

As I said above, getting better is the name of the game for me! Improving my game, from my strike shot to my mental game, is an aspect I enjoy. The fact that every week brings a new challenge, from not hitting your spot to leaving the 10 pin constantly, each week is a challenge. I enjoy having to make adjustments (even if I’m not great at it yet) whether it is switching balls or needing to stand on a different board, because not every adjustment is right! Not saying I like being wrong but being wrong can help be right for the next time.

So the moral of the story, leagues mean something different to everyone! To some it is just a night out, to others it is just another night of improvement. No matter what reason you go for, enjoy it, have fun and keep coming back! As the popularity of leagues continues to grow, so will the game of bowling at both the local and national levels. Before you start next season, invite someone new, they will come back every year after!

Thanks for coming back and until next time, keep on rolling!!

…One side note, still looking for some ideas for column title! If you have any ideas, post them below and it just may be the name I choose. If no suggests come in the next week, I’ll have a poll next article to help me choose!