This week we talk to Emily Maier, Emily is the Youth Development Program Manager for the IBC.  Emily joins us to discuss her work with USA Bowling.   USA Bowling is a grassroots instruction plan that teaches volunteers in bowling centers around the nation the basic skills needed to teach the sport of bowling to our youth.  USA Bowling is a mainstream youth sports model that shares a similar team-based structure to other youth sports.  Children of the same age and skill level interact with a coach through instruction and regular practice and then compete with other teams in a short 8-to-12-week time frame.  Emily shares why this program has been a huge success for the IBC, and why it is one of the ways the IBC helping make sure the youth of our sport get the coaching that is needed.   This program also features some of the highest level coaches in the world including Del Warren, Bill Spigner, Susie Minshew, Rick Steelsmith,  Hank Boomershine, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, and  Mark Baker .  For more information on the program, and how you can get involved please check out this link. We also discuss with Emily her thoughts on women’s bowling, and how much of a challenge it is for former Team USA members like herself to compete with no women’s tour.