Hello fellow bowling purists!

Living in an age of never ending quests for knowledge and information is an exciting time to be alive and involved in one of Sports greatest games, bowling. With the availability of ball reviews, ball videos and coaching information all readily available online, why did Tim Burg and myself feel there was an inherent need for more? Quite simply, Tim and I felt there was a definitive need for a more personal and direct speak-to-the-viewer approach to help spread the wealth of information available. My past 37 years of ball drilling experience along with my past four years of performing the ball testing/reviews for the Bowlers Journal magazine have helped my insatiable quest to become a better ball fitter, driller and overall bowling teacher. My contacts with some of the more insightful and creative minds in our industry have further helped enhance my knowledge base. Experts such as Bill Taylor, John Jowdy, Earl Anthony, Dick and Pete Weber, Ron Hickland, Ed Gallagher, Steve Kloempken, Hank Boomershine, Eric Thomas, Del Warren, Del Ballard, Johnny Petraglia, Rick Benoit and Mo Pinel are just a fraction of those I’ve learned from and shared information with. I by no means consider myself an expert. I’m just a guy who has always loved our Sport dearly and has always wanted to help others improve and learn the joys of this wonderful and now extremely complex game. Hopefully with our new venture, ABOVE180.com can help others improve and learn all the many intricacies the game now encompasses. With the help of these and other great minds in the game, I truly believe we can be very successful for many years to come.