In this edition of the podcast Joey and Tim begin the show by talking about how things are going as we head into the end of September.  Joey has the reason why you want to have a good coach to work on the kinks in your game.   When does Joey advise not to visit a coach,  the answer may shock you.  We also answer an email on why some higher average bowlers struggle on sport patterns as opposed to a lower averaged player.




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  1. Doug Lange says:

    In my almost 35 yrs of bowling…there is NO person that I know of that knows more on the sport of bowling than Joey Cerar. He is a wealth of knowledge and the best bowling ball driller I know. I currently live near Cincinnati Ohio and STILL…go back to Joey’s pro shop in Milwaukee when I need a new ball. I fly back to purchase my equipment exclusively from him. He and his fellow ball driller Dennis Joerres are superb! I would advise anyone who needs bowling equipment or help in their game to go to Joeys pro shop…you will not be disappointed!

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