bowlingWe continue our conversation with  Jeff Richgels, Chuck Gardner, and Mike Shady the guys join me for a discussion on the issues bowling faces moving forward.  We begin by discussing the short season leagues being offered by the USBC, and what can be done to get bowlers back bowling leagues.  Do you know where your sanctioning fees go? The guys have ideas on fixing the sanctioning process.  Two other topics we dive into include the USBC Open being open to PBA members, and IGrind Bowling.  If you missed part one of our discussion click here.





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  1. Gary Parsons says:

    I remember Chuck Gardner coming on tour for the first time- what does that make me? “Super Old”? I prefer a “sage guru” LOL. Hell, I am so old I remember Salvino as a rookie.
    “Smart” guys came in to run the PBA? Maybe. Depending on how one understands “smart”. Smart or not, if one does not know one’s product one can not manage nor promote the product one does not know. Being “smart” may be necessary but not sufficient. This issue is THE issue for bowling-the-institution: the MBA/corporate boys came in in force in the 70s/80s without an authentic grounding in the game and the result has been what we have witnessed for the past 40 years- an unnecessary decline.
    USBC criticism- all have the flavor of being critical of the bureaucratic rule based mindset organization that was developed in the mechanical age of pre World War I. Successful institutions are open, flexible problem solving entities with a positive future goal as the focal point not traditional rule first, bureaucratic processes first mindset. A very updated mindset is needed in Arlington.
    If one does not know one’s product one can not manage nor promote the product one does not know BUT if one DOES know one’s product, one CAN adjust the product to the external, environmental changes fairly easily. Since bowling’s “leadership”, for the past 40 years does not have an authentic grounding in the day to day existential realities of that institution, they have tried to make bowling “anything we want it to be”. The result has been what we have experienced in our lifetimes.. Know Thy Self, Know Thy Product- the rest is easy in comparison.

    Grounded first principles: bowling IS a sport, it is NOT an escapist recreation. People do NOT bowl for fun, they DO bowl for the self worth that comes from some degree of achievement. “Fun” is a pedestrian bi product, it is NOT a goal or end result. A MAJOR conceptual error based on false perceptions grounded in the inauthentic understanding of the product. by our recent and contemporary “leadership”. Simply put, “leadership” in bowling reminds me of the dog chasing its own tail (er, could that be tale?).. Hell, what do I know, I just a “pro shop guy”.


    PS: I look forward to the next roundtable.

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