bowling ball pins (1)I begin 2014 by chatting with three people passionate and well connected in the bowling industry.  Jeff Richgels, Chuck Gardner, and Mike Shady all join me for a discussion on the issues bowling faces moving forward.  We begin by discussing the PBA using dyed oil, and what this means moving forward.   Also check out my interview on the nationally syndicated radio program Popular Science radio here.  I discuss with host Alan Taylor the thought behind the dyed oil. I ask the guys opinion on the PBA leagues, and if the bowlers take them serious, and what can be done to get young people involved in ball drilling and working in the industry.  We end episode one by discussing coaching both the youth and recreational level.



  1. Gary Parsons says:

    Jeff Richgels hit it right on the head when he referenced a development of a “bowling professional” program. This lack of program is the MAJOR mistake the leadership of the PBA has made for nearly 50 years. It is, ultimately, the fundamental divide between golf and bowling. The PBA CAN still do this and do it inexpensively. In fact, from my perspective, the development of this type of program is the ONLY way the PBA has a chance of surviving and bowling-the-American-institution has a chance of surviving as we know it. I have been advocating this type of approach before the PBA had its first school. I hope with Mr. Richgels influence in the bowling community a strong program can be development that is pedagogically progressive and epistemologically sound.

    -Gary Parsons

  2. JeffRichgels says:

    Gary, I wish I had enough influence to push that forward!

  3. kajmk says:

    Smart people espousing sound logic and good sense (what used to be called common sense).
    I heard the term “PBA Fans”. It would be nice if the ESPN website listed Bowling under it’s “More Sports” tab. Perhaps those fans can write ESPN.
    Gentlemen, I hope that your ideas and philosophy will be adopted.
    “Inch by inch, row by row …”
    I look forward to future podcasts.
    Good luck in your endeavors and may your visions for what this game can be come true.
    Thanks to Joe and Tim for bringing making quality information available.
    I wish that more of the 95% could be made aware of what you continue to offer.

    To all a healthy and happy 2014.

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