This week we chat with USBC President Andrew Cain.  We discuss some of the things that can be done to help bowling unite for the good of the game.  Andrew talks about some of things the USBC is working on to move our game forward.  We discuss what can be done to improve sport bowling and the role the PBA plays the popularity of bowling.  We end with how coaching plays a vital role in encouraging bowlers to stay in the sport, to find a coach in your area check out this link.


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  1. Charles L. Troutman says:

    I started bowling, I won’t say how many years ago, but it was fun. Today I find the fun has been going away. To me, it seems that the USBC has gone away from the average/family bowler format toward the “Sport Shot’ or “dead serious”. I would like to see more emphasis on the social aspect of bowling. Granted there are those types of leagues available but look at what has been done to the awards program. An example in no awards anymore for the senior. True there is always a Senior might possible garner a 298/299/300 game or an award willing high series but the chance of that happening to a true senior is very remote.
    Another example is the articles in the Bowlers Journal. It is very rare to see any articles geared to the older folk. Everything is to the stronger, 6000rpm, 19mph bowler.
    Don’t forget that there are many true senior bowlers out here that have and continue to contribute to the sport of bowling and don’t want to be forgotten. Let us old folks back in.

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