Ron Simms Jr. is a staff member of Hammer Bowling, and coach of Virgina State University.  Ron shares things all bowlers need to remember before heading off to bowl a tournament.  Ron also has a few drills you can work on to improve your accuracy.   I also discuss with Ron the gambling aspect in bowling, and if it needs to change.  In case you missed our interview with Mark Miller, which discusses bowling and gambling even further click here.



  1. Maria Ward says:

    This is a great beginning to this site and the interview was very interesting and enlightening because the game has really changed . . . and those of us who were there 20 years ago miss those days where we just wanted to win the game, match, tournament . . . not how much we cleared for the night. Great job! Keep them coming!

  2. James Jones says:

    Great Job Ron! It’s great to see his hard work paying off. I’ve known him for about 15 years now, bowled leagues and tournaments with him, been coached by him and I will say, he is in a very short elite group of individuals who love the sport of bowling for the sport. A true legend in the Richmond area, does a great job with his VSU ladies and the representation of TNBA and Hammer Bowling Products.

  3. Addison says:

    Nice pod cast coach. Very interesting topics of conversation. I totally understood tge targeting tool that you were explaining. Using all of tge areows is something that I will try in my next coaching session.
    Coach AJ

  4. Greg Turner says:

    Just had a chance to listen to your interview. Nice job. I did not know you are coaching. Congratulations. Those were great comments on the gambling and handicap aspects of bowling. You were on target regarding both topics. Hope to see you soon ( Cleveland ). Go HAMMER!!

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