USBC Tournament Manager Eric Pierson joins us to discuss his thoughts on how the USBC Open pattern pattern is playing this year.  Pierson talks about why the USBC is ok with scores being a tad lower then they had been in years past.  We also talk about how moving forward bowlers will enjoy fresh oil at the start of their doubles event.  Matt McNeil again lit up the lanes this year, Eric talks about the left vs right side of the lane and how lefties are doing overall this year.  Check out a recent podcast with McNeil by clicking here.  Also if you have not bowled check out the USBC Open tab for more interviews, also don’t miss our weekly updates from the BTM and 123 Tournaments. 



  1. Mike Seabrook Sr says:

    The response by Eric seems to be out of line from a business perspective. In an economic down spin, to say that having lower scores is ok seems to be confusing to say the least. With a higher cost than ever to get to Nationals (our average for 10 of us was $2,000) to not have a consistent shot or even close to the same shot from team to doubles/singles make one think if you would want to come back again. In a time when everyone is competing for vacation dollars one can now justify that $2,000 can go elsewhere. And if next year having fresh oil for each squad will only help the guys who crank with carry down in the middle for hold for them, while those of us who don’t have the revs are forced to the right where it is out of bounds in not a fair shot for all. The USBC is to be a fair shot by the rules that in place, yet this year wasn’t even close. In our team event from 7 right was out of bounds and we could not break down the lane at all, then in doubles/singles they hooked the moment we put the ball on the lane. When us low rev bowlers have the ball hook so sound the ball runs out of energy, so even when we get to the pocket there is no carry. Averaging 160 and spending $2,000, we could be a Dsineyland with the family and not just with the guys having a great time. I hope for next year they will consider a shot that is fair to play no matter where you are on the lanes. With less squad times next year, will also mean less bowlers coming to Reno. Which means less dollars spent in Reno. So from a business standpoint, not pleasing your customer base seems lackluster at best.

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