This week we chat about all the new bowling balls that Joey reviewed over the past month.  We talk about the new Columbia Benchmark, which Joey calls predictably boring.  That is not a bad thing when it comes to bowling balls and Joey really liked the piece.   We next talk about the ball the a lot of the Brunswick players liked at the WSOB, DV8’s Too Reckless.   Joey also talks about four bowling balls for Korea that he tested from a company in Korea called Lordfield, Joey had nothing but good things to say about the balls.    We also talk about is a good time to take a stronger ball and drill it weak.   For a more detailed review of all the balls mentioned check out the Bowler’s Journal Magazine.



  1. Big Ron says:

    Why should any one care about an imported bowling ball that cost less than $100 to manufacturer and get to the pro-shop? Yes, I believe that we should always buy domestic, but half the cars in the U.S. are imports or locally assembled foreign models filled with the finest parts from Mexico and the far east. Go into a Walmart and look for made in U.S. goods, you’ll be there a while. Or try buying a U.S. made T.V. or electronic gadget.

    Until most of these goods are manufactured domestically, I could care less where my bowling ball was manufactured.

    • Jeff Hamblen says:

      Yes we should by american made bowling balls….Motiv used to make cores for Brunswick out of their Michigan plant,,,,Until Brunswick busted the union…..Closed the plant, and moved their operation to Mexico to save money…..Shame on Beunswick…I wont buy their junk ….They also make the DV8 line of balls..(junk)…..Research and buy Motiv balls..Youll be happy you did…Jeff

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