Walter Ray Williams Jr is one of the top-ranking professional bowlers in history.   He currently holds the PBA record with career titles 47.  Walter talked to co-host Tim Burg at 2011 Bowl Expo about his first impressions of the PBA schedule.  Williams Jr also talks about the biggest difference between pros and amateurs, along with life on the senior tour.  Walter also talks about the importance of seeking a good coach such as Mike Jasnau at lane 81.  Hear why Walter is a fan of  a lot of the formats on the PBA Tour, and why he feels luck is a big part of bowling. 


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  1. Doug Lange says:

    Enjoyed the interview Tim. I went to watch the Senior Tour players in Columbus Ohio a couple of months ago at the Senior Masters. They are all still very competative, but like Walter said…they seem to be more relaxed, but still focused. After that tournament I decided to start up bowling again after a 20 yr (yes…20 yr..) hiatus due to my job. I was very excited to start the year…I have been doing alot of subbing to try to get a book average for the first time since 1991. I am from Milwaukee…and as stated in emails prior to this one…Joey has been drilling my balls since I was 6…I am now 43. I enjoy your podcasts and interviews as I try to re-learn the game that I used to be decent at. I am finding the conditions today to be so vastly different compaired to the mid 80’s-early 90’s. It really does appear that you need 2 things (In my opinion) to succeed today. 1) HIGH amount of revolutions on the ball…and 2) About 6 balls in your “aresenol”. Never in my entire time of bowling is it more evident that you need to be a “cranker” to survive these high amounts of oil/carry down on the alleys today. I used to go to the bowling alley with 2 balls….and only used one daily. You would bowl well…as long as you could adapt to the lane condition. Now…it truely is more ball set up/type of ball you throw. There used to be a premium on shot making and accuracy. Today…the game is more like fishing…if you have the right lure (ball) you will do well…if not…you will struggle to the point of dissappointment. The only people that I see today that bowl well…somewhat consistantly…is the High reving “cranker” High rev rates plus a ball set up to hook anyway…will obliterate the pins. It is sad though…how the game has come to this. It has gotten me discouraged this year already…and I have only bowled 5 weeks. I know that USBC sanctioning is WAY down this year…unfortunitely the game itself has slid down hill. It seems silly (unless you are a ball manufacturer) to carry 4 or more balls to bowl 3 games. I carry 3 and let me tell ya…it isn’t enough on most days. I know things change in all sports…its just unfortunite that right now…I feel that the game of bowling is almost off the cliff. For the normal “Joe” (not Joey…hehe) the game is just too frustrating today.

    Doug Lange Union KY.

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