Bill Orlikowski  is the Product Manager Brunswick Bowling, Bill joins us today to discuss DV8 which was created by Brunswick.  According to DV8’s website “Our new DV8 balls play to younger and edgier bowlers,” said Brent Perrier, president of Brunswick Bowling. “There’s more cockiness to the attitude, and more aggressive punch to the actual performance. We believe that progressive, image-conscious bowlers are really going to go for this new brand because it fits right in to their groove,” Perrier continued.  Bill joined us to discuss the newest line on the market, and what to expect if you purchase a DV8 ball.  Bill and Joe get into the coverstock of a DV8 ball, and what to expect from the DV8 line.   The DV8 line rolls out with four new balls at three different performance levels and price points.   The DV8 Misfit is the lowest priced option with a performance core and standard reactive coverstock in two intense neon color combinations. The yellow/magenta and orange/blue Misfits also feature exceptional glow under black lights. The mid-priced DV8 Reckless has a symmetric core and a versatile, reactive coverstock that produce good all-purpose ball motion on medium oiled lanes. It comes in a blue/ neon green pearl color combination. At the top of the line, the DV8 Hell Raiser delivers professional performance with its aggressive coverstock wrapped around a strong asymmetric core for maximum bite even on heavily oiled lanes. In addition, all DV8 balls are backed by a two-year warranty, something that even younger bowlers can appreciate.   Bill ends our conversation on Brunswick’s move to Mexico, and some of the growing pains that seem to be in the rear view mirror.



  1. jim kuipers says:

    I like How he comments that darn economy as he talks about moving the operation to mexico.
    Americans need to by American made products when ever possible.
    I wonder how many balls they sell in Mexico. or even if thier Mexican employees can afford the balls they produce.

    • Bruce says:

      Well we need the government to make it possible for US companies to compete in the US market! You guys need to check on how the government double tax US manufacturers and don’t do the same for foreign company and they open the market for foreign companies! It’s cheaper to manufacture products outside the US border because of the corporate tax. If they’d charge these foreign companies more to bring the products into the US then you’d see the market change! They won’t do this because the US politicians are in bed with China because they own most of the US from our borrowing!!!

  2. jakester says:

    Jim, I know how you feel… we need to create more jobs not ship them off to people who won’t even support the products. Eventually, Americans won’t have the money to spend on bowling in leagues when it comes down to paying for food, rent and the bills, vs bowling, no guess what wins out.

    • admin says:

      I appreciate the comments and feedback. Lets do our best though to not let this turn into a bash DV8/Brunswick comment thread, this was a small part of the interview and Bill handled the question very honestly. Agree or disagree with the move time will tell if it was a good business decision for them. This seems to have struck a nerve with listeners so maybe we need to talk to someone else about this topic.

  3. Jake K. says:

    Well… you move you’re company from America to Mexico. And screw all those hard working people in Muskegon, MI. Then on top of it all… Brunswick still has the nerve to act as if they are still an American made product. If they do not want to be bashed, then don’t leave your country and basically backstab all of you customers and employees.

    – I will never buy a product from Brunswick, MoRich, or DV8. Because I LOVE AMERICA!

  4. Jeff Hamblen says:

    Brunswick and DV8 both suck…They screwed US employees to move to Mexico..I will never buy their products and will advocate Motiv bowling…

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your comments regarding Brunswick and DV8. I am going to stress again I do not want this to turn into a bashing forum of Brunswick/DV8, they made a move which they felt was in the best interest of the company. As we move forward we are aiming to speak with a representative from Brunswick about this move, although the move was five years ago it is still on bowlers minds. I do not want this to come across as sticking up for them(I am not on Brunswick’s payroll), but would it have been better for them to stay in Michigan and raise prices 30 or 40%?


      • jeremy says:

        Go with motiv! They made cores for brunswick and the decided to stay behind to make a “better bowling ball” oh and best part they are made in muskegon, mi

  5. Toni says:

    I bought my dv8 misfit blue and orange back in december I love that ball I bowl last week a 192 205 275 on a 157 average my series was a 672 im thanking about buying the dv8 diva. For the past three week I have throw 5 200 games the highest has been the 275,221,208,205,205 keep making the dv8 it the best ball I have bowl with ive been bowling for 31 yrs.

    • Kevin says:

      That’s good to hear Toni. I was looking into buying one of these dv8 balls but was skeptical because of all this talk about them moving to Mexico .. I wonder if I should just ignore the past and just go with one of the dv8? I was either going to get the misfit also or the diva. Any suggestions?

      • Kevin says:

        Kevin, don’t worry about the whole “Mexico” thing. DV8 bowling balls are legit. I used to only throw Storm but after not bowling for about 3 1/2 years and finding my paradigm passion cracked, I found DV8. Over the last year to year and a half, I have bought my wife 3 DV8 balls including the new diva, and myself 3 with the nightmare. If you are looking for a great ball with a mid range price, the diva is an amazing choice. Or spend the little extra and check out the brutal nightmare. Honestly whatever ball you buy is gonna be amazing. These balls hit like a mack truck and crush the pins. What kind of ball do you throw now and what are you looking to get out of a new ball?

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