The International Art of Bowling (IAB) was established in August 2010 by “Bowling Artists” Ron Hoppe, Jason Belmonte, and Diandra Asbaty. It’s a one-of-a-kind bowling experience focusing on an artistic representation of fundamentals, lane play, equipment, and versatility.  Ron Hoppe  is one of the founding fathers of IBPSIA, was its first president and recipient of the Light House and President Awards, and has been a USBC Gold Coach for 10 years.  Ron talks to us about the International Art of Bowling , and what sets it apart from other coaches.  Ron talks about the no nonsense approach that the IAB takes, and why the events are a great time.



  1. Rick says:

    I signed up this morning, cant wait!

  2. Rick says:

    I was at the boot camp in Tacoma and it was awesome! Jason, Diandra and Ron are all very nice and really know what they are talking about. And yes, Jason can coach one handers – he sure helped me. It was just a great weekend and I highly recommend this to anyone that has a chance to do it.

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