This week we talk about our impressions regarding Bowl Expo.  We chat about an interesting comment posted by John regarding the game being too complicated.  Joey does the math and some things just do not add up when comparing the cost of golf and bowling.  Joey goes into details about six of his favorite bowling balls he reviewed for the August edition or the Bowlers Journal Magazine.  Click here for more information on the BJ.   Joey has the one thing that you can do a bowling ball that you may not be already doing.


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  1. Phil G says:

    Really enjoying listening to the various podcasts, thanks guys

    I found the conversation around bowling costs to be very interesting, sadly for the average league bowler in Australia the cost “savings” you are talking about just don’t exist.
    Brackets, never bowled in a league here that have them, the cost for league bowling is more expensive with most bowlers not actually getting money back. I have this year a 46 week league at $21 a week for which I expect to see little return, on top of that bowlings balls run from $280 – $400 for mid to high end balls. This makes it expensive and it’s rare to see a new ball in anything but the single scratch singles league.

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