We talk to four time PBA champion and Brunswick staff member Sean Rash today about the events that took place last weekend at the Geico PBA Team Shootout.   Sean talks about why people that only see him on tv are missing the real Sean, and why the great bowlers on the lanes can be completely different off the lanes.  Sean talks about why the PBA needs to be promoting bowling, and why the team shootout was great for the fans watching.  Joey and Sean then discuss his favorite layouts, and why over the past year he has been experimenting with some five inch pins.  Sean has some great things to say about the three latest pieces in Brunswick’s line.


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  1. Dustin says:

    Thanks for the interview. I definitely have a different perspective on who Sean is. He’s right that Pete was quite similar early on his time on the Tour, though because he’s been on TV more and he’s gotten older, his actions seem more playful.

    Sean’s interview was very good, and listening to how he’s addressing the technical aspect of the game makes me have a greater appreciation for him, and I’d never ask him to change his TV personality, since we wouldn’t be getting the best Sean on the lane that he could bring.

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