Jason Belmonte joins us to address  the Brad Angelo  “bottlegate” issue.  Jason discussed the situation,  how it was handled after the event, and  why he is defending Brad from the people making him out to be the villain in this situation.   Jason also talks about a great opportunity for you to attend an IAB clinic in your area.   Jason shares why he feels Storm is the best ball manufacturer in the world, and what sets them apart from the rest.   We talk about what Jason feels is his biggest leak in his game, and his favorite Storm pieces on the market right now.    Finally we talk about family life for Jason, and the challenges in living in Australia(and how many little Belmo’s we can expect).


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  1. Chris Patrick says:

    I am so glad to see this getting cleared up straight from the two involved. The noise was very small, but you accompany that with how dead silent it is on the telecasts and it might as well have been a firecracker. I don’t know either of them but both sure seem to be represent the game excellently on and off the lanes. The numerous forums and discussions I have seen about “Brad being a jerk” and “Jason making noise intentionaly to distract Brad” seemed very extreme to me. In my honest opinion I know how intense and “wound up” I would be bowling in such a high pressure situation and can understand Brad’s initial reaction and frustration having to stop and step down off the lane. He didn’t get violent or lewd just reacted to emotion and let Jason know he was upset. As for Belmonte doing this on purpose, come on. The guy week in and week out is an excellent ambassador of the sport and brings a fresh exciting element to the game. Not to mention hearing from several sources he is a class act. Money is very important especially in this day and age but to think he would sabotage someones shot and on top of that risk doing so in such an obvious situation….come on. It is of course just my opinion but I see this all as an unfortunate incident that both parties are very sorry ever happened.

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