We are joined by 34 time PBA champion Norm Duke to discuss his DVD, ” Learn To Bowl Competitively”.   Norm talks about why he thought it was time to create this DVD, and the surprising time when the DVD was recorded.    We then discuss why Norm feels spare shooting is a lost art, and what it was like two years ago when he had to make the bucket to win his first US Open.   We also press Norm on what separates the good regional player,  from the guy grinding it out on the PBA Tour weekly.



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  1. geoff nash says:

    norm duke interview was awesome. Norms thoughts about he prepares for a tournament, i thought the interview was really good and what a cool guy he is. I met Norm at Sequoia pro bowl and he took the time to talk to me and he was very interesting to listen too and i learned alot in a short period of time. I know i cant wait to order the dvd and leran from the best. Yes walter ray has more titles but norm has flexibility i think walter ray does not have. There again i could be wrong. I have heard duke say that when you bowl walter ray he has to prepare for the matches or you get swept and thats no fun so walter on his a game can be rough on you. norm is dam man no doubt about it

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