This week we begin by talking about ways during league play you can adjust so that your third game doesn’t derail a good set.   Joey has a few great tips on how to adjust and why a 10-pin or 2 pin might not be so bad.  We then hit the topic of lane courtesy and when to give or expect two lanes.   Joey explains why Norm Duke’s DVD is a must have if you want take your game to the next level.   We then talk about some of balls Joe tested this month, we only get to three so please check out the Bowlers Journal International Magazine for a complete review.   Finally Joey has breaking news regarding his ball reviews starting in March.


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  1. BarB Spigner says:

    Never heard about lane courtesy for open play. But I think as an open play bowler it’s your job to watch out for the bowlers on the lanes around you and time your approach accordingly–not the reverse. I am surprised they were doing their pre or post bowling (can’t remember which one it was) at a time that was very busy with open play bowlers. Pre or post bowling should be done when the lanes are less busy–and it’s easier to concentrate on your bowling rather than lane courtesy !

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