This week we talk about the masterful performance put on by Tom Hess at the USBC Masters in Reno.   Joey shares some an email exchange he had with Tom regarding the pin-placement on the Storm Virtual Gravity  Nano  he used Sunday.    We then go into an email we received regarding ways to get scoring back to earth.   Joey has some examples of why increasing the weight of the pins would do the trick,  but  would the lower scores  be too much for proprietors to handle.



  1. Kerry says:

    I don’t believe that heavier pins are the answer to high scoring. I’m not sure that I understand why high scoring is a problem.

    Reducing scoring that people are used to getting is probably a pretty sure way to drive off bowlers and will really hurt the new and novice bowlers, who are already struggling in this “high scoring” environment. Losing more players and future players is not, at least in my mind, something the sport would want to do.

    Seems to me that the folks in charge should be happy that lesser skilled players can score fairly well and are happy doing so. Most folks would be happier, thus bowl more and be more inclined to join leagues or participate in tournaments, if their scores made them happy. That’s just human nature. What is the point of taking that away from them?


  2. Kerry says:

    If you’re interested in lowering scores and making competitions difficult, without the ever-increasing costs that past changes have introduced into the game. I’d suggest looking at the game differently. Instead of ever more demanding oil patterns and magic but expensive bowling balls, have all competitions limited to 12lb urethane or plastic balls.

    There wouldn’t be any issue with inflated scoring and most players could dump their 4-ball bags for a double bag. Have a flat oil pattern or even THS mandated for everything, including the PBA. That way, anyone could buy a ball or 2 and practice for any tournament, in any center in the country.

    People that weren’t interested in elite competition, wouldn’t have to do anything and such league players could continue to use any ball they wanted. But, if they wanted to test their skills against the top pros, all they’d have to do is buy a 12lb ball and go at it. You’d have to be very well rounded in skill, to score with a 12lb ball.

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