Michelle Mullen joins us this week to talk about why grip pressure is key to a proper release.  Michelle has some  reasons why a loose swing is essential to repeating shots.  Michelle has a few tips that can help you tell just how loose your swing really is.



  1. Rick Szurek says:


    Great tips, Michelle. Aleta just fixed a bad fitting ball. I now throw it practically effortlessly instead of having to squeeze it. And I can’t say enough about a relaxed swing. You made the comment to me once that I can’t wait to run up there and throw the ball. That stuck in my mind and I remember it every time I’m up on the approach. Slowing down my approach has helped me relax my swing. I don’t always go as slow as I should but I’m getting better. Plus, when I have a relaxed swing, I get more speed on the ball, more revolutions, and am much more accurate. In other words, a relaxed swing has led to more consistent shots. Thank you.


  2. Tim Biermann says:

    I am so glad that I listened to Michelle’s interview regarding arm swing. It was a great reminder at what she has told me many, many times…”Swing is King”.

    I have struggled this year, and the majority of my issues are a direct result of a muscled, controlled arm swing,..resulting in pulled shots.

    Listened to the podcast last week before league, and the reminder helped me realize just what I have been doing wrong…, I was more conscious of it, resulting in a little more consistancy.

    Although I’m not there yet, I am starting to feel comfortable again., and it also reminded me that I am way overdue for another lesson.

    Thanks again,

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