Vice President of the Kegel Training and Tournament Center, Del Warren joined us on this edition of the podcast.   Del shares with you what he thinks it will take to get bowling back to where it was in its heyday.  We also cover the main thing a bowler must do to take their game to that next level.  Del also shares some of the benefits a bowler can experience if they come down to the Kegel Training Center, and a how most bowlers react after seeing themselves on video for the first time.




  1. Frank McClellan says:

    The Kegel Training Center has contributed immeasurably to my game and I’d highly recommend it to anyone regardless of level of bowling proficiency. Their training staff and teaching techniques are the best in the world….bar none!

  2. Thomas Curtis says:

    Re; colored oil. 50 units of oil is the thickness of one sheet of normal notebook paper. Even if color was added to lane oil, once applied to the lane, it would be so translucent it would appear clear. Add to the fact that it would discolor clothes, hands, towels, etc. Not only would it not show up, it would create a mess everywhere else.

    The correct option is to take the time and take tapes of the fresh oil pattern, and the after bowling oil pattern.

    Even so, the shape of the lane surface (gravity) has as much, if not more, to do with ball motion as friction (oil).

    That was the reason for the lane level rules we made in the early days of the game.

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