• Storm Collegiate Spotlight:  Paola Gomez

    Storm Collegiate Spotlight: Paola Gomez

    This week we chat with former Nebraska Cornhusker Paola Gomez.  She chats about her time at Nebraska and how Diandra Asbaty was able to help her with many things both on and off the lanes.  Gomez also shares advice for bowlers looking to bowl in college and we discuss the […]

  • The State Of Bowling With USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy

    The State Of Bowling With USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy

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    This week myself and Emil Williams chat with USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy.  Chad talks about the latest news regarding Reno, and what this means to you.  We also discuss the USBC Open Championships in El Paso and the thought process that goes into bidding for an upcoming Open Championship. […]

  • Evan Hanson and Sam Sorbo

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    Evan Hanson joins Sam Sorbo on her nationally syndicated radio program to discuss Wild Hope.  

  • From Johnson and Johnson to the Masters

    From Johnson and Johnson to the Masters

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    From Johnson and Johnson to the Masters By Mike Valanzano I love bowling, it is not only my hobby, but it is a passion. Competitive bowling is what drives me. I love to compete; I have been bowling competitive since I was 12 years old. This past week, Carolier Lanes […]

  • TV Show day from Carolier Lanes

    TV Show day from Carolier Lanes

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    TV Show day from Carolier Lanes: By Mike Valanzano The stage was set, 5 bowlers all vying for a major championship. Here are my thoughts from the telecast: Opening Match: I figured this was going to be the best match of the show, Mika vs Parker. Both major championship winners, […]

  • Masters Day 5

    Masters Day 5

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    Day 5 from Carolier: By Michael Valanzano This is it, 16 left, only 5 go to the show!! I think this is going to be one of the strongest fields, and best shows in recent memories. What happened today at Carolier? Well, 2 of the best amateurs in the world, […]

  • USBC Masters Day 4

    USBC Masters Day 4

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    Day 4 at the Masters: By Michael Valanzano Only 64 out of the original 468 were still left bowling at the mammoth 82 lane center known as Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick, NJ. This years USBC Masters has been far from dull, and the excitement just kept coming today with […]

  • USBC Masters Day 3

    USBC Masters Day 3

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    USBC Masters Day 3 By Michael Valanzano Day 3 from Carolier, and the action has not let up at all. Coming out of nowhere to lead the field after qualifying is Wes Malott. Now the rule of thumb in the majors is that the fresh always plays a little harder […]

  • USBC Masters Day 2

    USBC Masters Day 2

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    Day 2 from Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick NJ By. Michael Valanzano Upon arriving at Carolier Lanes tonight, I had to walk thru the bitter cold New Jersey air, but once entering the doors of the center, the chill had left and bowling was hot!!! 468 of the world’s greatest […]

  • Are Bowling And Gambling Joined At The Hip?

    Are Bowling And Gambling Joined At The Hip?

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    Regardless of what people think, bowling is gambling, period! If you bowl league, you put your weekly dues in the envelope and hope your team beats the other teams and you win the most money at the end of 36 weeks. That is a gamble my friends. You bowl a […]


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    The Inaugural Ace Mitchell Team Challenge & The Proprietors Cup took place on Friday July 13th with over 40 teams that took to the lanes for the $10,000 prize; winning the event by 18 pins was the Ebonite All Stars team made up of Kelly Kulick, Mike Shady, Marc McDowell, […]

  • Bowling’s speed trap

    Bowling’s speed trap

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    Bowling’s speed trap and matched rev rate