ASK BOB 12/01/2017

Q. I know he highest 3 game series is 900. I would like to know what is the highest 4 game series?

A. I know what your thinking. The 3 game record is a perfect score but maybe, just maybe I can snag

that 4 game record. Well think again, as impossible as the 3 game record seems to most of us. The

four game record might be ever harder to do. Yes there is room to break it but on March 7th 1989

Tom Jordan shot 1198 in Union, NJ. Yes that is correct he had 2 – 299’s and 2 – 300’s in those four

games. You miss one shot in four games in the wrong place and you are going for second place.


Q. I just bought a wristband Do I still need to turn the ball or will the wristband do the work for me?

A. Wristbands are designed to help keep your wrist from breaking back, but they do not bowl for you

you will still have to turn the ball to impart spin. The wristband will help to strengthen your release

but you will have to do the work.


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