January 2017 Ask Bob

by Bob Korth 1/01/2017
Bowl 2
Q. I have been watching the PBA on Sunday morning and I am amazed at how easy the pro’s make bowling look. I know they bowl 40 or 50 games a week and yet when they get on the show they look like it’s their first game of the week. When I go practice and bowl 6 or 7 games I am worn out. How do they manage to bowl all of those games week after week?

A. Professional bowlers of today are in great physical condition. They are as much an athlete as any person in any other sport. They have an everyday training schedule just as successful players in other sports. They work very hard especially on the legs. Bowlers must have a very good foundation in order to be at the top of their game. The legs more than anything else gives bowlers balance, ball speed, and helps with their overall accuracy. So get out there and work on your leg strength to improve your game.

Q. When you leave a split or get a washout should you always try to make the spare, or should you go for the count?

A. There are several variables that come into the decision to go for the spare or not. It also depends on how difficult a split you have left. If you have a baby split the 3-10 or 2-7 for instance I would always go for it. If it is a 4-7-10 or a 6-7-10 something like that then it depends on the situation. Early in the game I would suggest always going for the count. If it is the end of a game and you need it to win then of course you go for it. If the game is won and it makes no difference if you count or not then it is up to you. Also another part of the equation is if you are in a frame after a strike. This make a big difference in that a big miss causes you a double loss of count. On a strike if you leave 6 pins and get two of them you have an 8 count and an 8 count for the open. But if you miss them all you get 6 and 6. This is a 4 pin difference. The washout is subject to the same rules as a split because it is a split that happens to include the head pin.

Q. When I am at league I hear the better bowlers in our league saying I need to make a move. I am going to 2 and 1 or maybe 5 and 3. What are they talking about?

A. I know you 190 and up bowlers who read my column are going to be bored with this question but be patient and let me dress our lower average bowlers. This is not a dumb question some people just don’t know. The are referring to how many boards they are going to move with the feet and how many boards they are going to move their target on the lane. Said that way the meaning is 2 boards inside further with feet and one board on the lane. In order to do this you need to have a way of lining up with your feet most right-handed bowlers use the inside edge of the sole of the left foot as a marker. Line that up on a board of the approach. The 2 board move is easy by using that method. Now it doesn’t have to be done that way you could use the center of your left foot or the right side so long as you always use the same place on your foot as a marker.

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