Ask Bob April 2016
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAby Bob Korth 4/01/2016

Q. I saw some of your posts on Facebook about this years USBC nationals in Reno. Can you give me some pointers on how to play the lanes?


A. Yes, I first want to tell you I did not bowl as well as I would have liked but the shot is not as tough as it was last year. It is touchy and in order to hit it you better have been practicing and have your game in good order. Most are playing the shot around say ten to twelve or thirteen at the arrows this of course depends on your speed and how much hand you have. More important is the break point it is about 8 to 10 at say about 40 feet. Just out side the right hand tracer board on the lanes. Now this is for right handers. There will be some break down and you may have to move in a little during play. The tricky part is staying loose on a shot in which you have a narrow playing field. But at all costs you must stay loose. If you slow down or grab at the ball or in anyway try to help you will pay. The ball will either start late or early and it is washout or split. So in recap, they are definitely not impossible but to score you will need to have your game in order, Be sharp and do not help the ball at all. Be smooth from push away to the follow through and have fun getting tight will just make things even worse. Most will probably need a bit of surface on the ball and a ball that gives you a smooth, readable reaction. Not too skid flippy. Lefty’s your side is similar and the same physical things as the right side is true. And unless you have several lefty’s you Won’t find much breakdown. Be accurate my friends good luck to all of you and make your spares.

Q. I know there is a a lane in the pro shop at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno that is used for lessons. Is it worthwhile to get a lesson there? Have you ever taken a lesson there?

A. Yes a couple of times and the latest was on my last trip to nationals in March. Mike Jasnau is the coach and he is very good. He has CATS available that is Computer Aided Tracking System which can give him and you a great deal of information about your game. There is also a great video system in place to get both back and side views. Mike takes his time and explains what he sees. He writes this up on an information sheet and a practice sheet for you to take home. You also take home the video complete with voice over so all he explains to you is there for you to refer to later. It is $120.00 for the video lesson and $160.00 if you add CATS. This is the best money you will spend in Reno at the USBC Nationals. Mike is very busy there so be sure and make a reservation. To reach him you can search Mike Jasnau, Coach on Facebook or write to Mike at Or call for reservations at 775-335-8841. You will be glad you did. I know I am.

Q. I am going to the Nationals next month and I think I need a new ball. Should I buy one now to practice with or get one at the Nationals?

A. The good thing about getting a ball at the National tournament is by then there will be information on what ball might be working best on those lanes. Some people however would like to practice with the ball first. If that is your case get the ball now drilled by your regular ball driller. But take advantage of the services provided at the Nationals array of pro shops. They have an idea of what ball surfaces are working during the tournament. They can adjust the surface of your ball to better fit the lane conditions.
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