ASK BOB 8/01/15





Q. What should I do to get ready for the up coming bowing season?

A. First thing to do is go to your local pro shop and have them check your equipment for fit. Then have them resurface and clean your bowling balls if needed. This will put them back close to factory specs. See what new bowling balls have been released and ask them if you might need one to fill out your arsenal. Then ask about lessons and sign up for a few. This is a great time for lessons especially if you have taken the summer off. Your muscle memory is is low at this time. You have forgotten about the mistakes that you were making last season. New things will take hold much quicker. Then of course practice a few weeks of practice is the best thing you can do for your game. Don’t forget those spares take one practice session a week and devote it to spares. Spares in bowling are like putting in golf. Not making spares will quickly ruin your game.
Q. I have only been bowling for a short time and I throw a straight ball. My friends on my team told me I need to buy my own reactive ball so I can throw a hook. If I buy a new reactive ball will I throw a hook?

A. The short answer is maybe. The real answer is it depends on whether or not you have the proper mechanics to throw a hook ball. To make the ball hook it has to have rotation when it comes off your hand. You are the one who imparts that rotation. So my suggestion is go to the pro shop and tell them you want to buy a ball and you would like the ball to hook. Ask them to watch you bowl they will quickly know if you will be able to throw a hook with the new ball. If they don’t think your release will make the ball hook ask them for some lessons to learn how to hook the ball. Most pro shops offer lessons it might take several but bowling lessons are not too expensive. Lessons will be more than worth it in the long run. Lessons will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Bowling like any other sport takes time and practice to master but without lessons most people don’t improve and lose interest after awhile because they don’t get better. So buy that ball and take those lessons and you will soon be giving your friends advice.

Q. Where can I go to find a listing for certified coaches in my area and also to read about bowling records?
A. Go to there you can find all information pertaining to the game you will need. There is a coaches listing, you can find individuals bowling averages, there is a section called records and stats which has all the current records for ten pin bowling. There is also a section called Hometown Heroics which contains all bowlers who have had a 300 game or 800 series It also lists everyone in different Halls of Fame both at the National, State and Local level. This is a fun visit. There is much more to look at there go in and check it out.

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