August 2013 Ask Bob

By Bob Korth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQ. I know you have used Thumb Carpets in the past. Do you still like them and use them? and if so

where can I get them.?

A. Yes, I still use Thumb Carpets I have used them since 1998. Since using them I have won a High Roller senior tournament in Las Vegas, a High Roller match play tournament. I set the Oregon State tournament All Events record with 2316 for the 9 games. I won the Senior Festival of bowling tournament at the Stadium in Reno and seven Southern Oregon Senior titles, and have had many 300 games and 800 series using Thumb Carpets. Here is the how and why of Thumb Carpets They are made of a carpet like material, they are cut in the same size and shape as bowlers tape. They are placed in the back of the thumb hole in place of tape. They take up the room of about 3 pieces of white bowlers tape. There is yarn on one side and adhesive on the other. They give a very snug fit which helps to keep you from squeezing the ball. Even with the snug fit you will get out of the ball clean because the yarn of the carpet and the air around it eliminates suction. Because suction is eliminated you will find that that thumb swelling is greatly reduced. You may not have little or no thumb fluctuation again. If you do need a little more adjustment you put a piece of bowlers tape in the front of the hole. You also get a choice of release with Thumb Carpet put the carpet in with the yarn facing down for a slower release and yarn up for a faster release. They are each marked with a red spot on the end letting you know which way they are to be place in the hole for which release.

Q. I am going to get ready for the new upcoming season and I need a new ball. What bowling balls are the best out there for the average bowler?

A. We are lucky today because you can’t go wrong with any of the ball companies today. Having said that we all have our favorites and I am no different. My favorite is Roto Grip a sister company of Storm the Bowlers Company. Both Roto Grip and Storm are at the forefront of ball development. They have a diverse line of bowling balls to fit all games from beginners to Professionals. They also have Apparel, Bags, and Shoes and Sundry items by Master Products. You can go on line and see all the products at or and while your there be sure and check out the list of the best Professional and Amateur stars in the county that Roto Grip and Storm have on staff. If you know any of them in your town ask them about the Bowlers Company they will tell you what a great bowling company it is.

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