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Q. I am having problems with sticking on the approach when I slide. No one else on my team or the or the other team are sticking. Why do you think I am having this problem?

A. There can be a few answers for this problem. It could be a simple as the heel of your slide shoe touching down on the approach. To fix this you can round off the front edge of the heel just take  knife and cut back the sharp edge of the heel. On some of the new shoes they have changeable heels, change out the rubber heel for one with leather. The problem might be more complicated and could be a timing issue. This fix will take some lessons have an instructor in your area take a look at your approach to see if this is the cause of your coming down on the heel. This a a perfect time to warn you to NEVER use any powder on your shoe to help with sliding.  Talcum powder or baby powder makes the approaches very slick and can cause you and others to slip and fall.

Q. I am having trouble with chicken winging and because of this I constantly get an over/under reaction. What can I work on to cure chicken winging?

A. Let me first explain chicken winging. This is caused by turning the ball early in the downswing. It causes the elbow to fly out at release and destroys accuracy and causes the under/over reaction. Now for the fix, when you step on the approach think ring finger. Aim at your mark with your ring finger this will keep your hand behind the ball longer. It is not possible to fly your elbow if your hand is behind the ball.

 Q. I have bought and used both symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling balls. I have found the symmetrical balls drilled label work much better than the asymmetrical balls drilled label.  Is there a reason for this or is it a coincidence.

A. I was not sure of this question so I went to the source and contacted Chris Schlemmer of Roto Grip. Chris was nice enough to take time to answer this question in plain English.  The reason symmetrical balls roll better than asymmetrical balls drilled over label is due to the intermediate differential. All balls have differential, but asymmetrical balls also have another differential called mass bias or PSA differential. This is another plane in which the core has differences in mass. Asymmetrical balls are usually low RG and high differential which means they flare a large amount and once the core changes planes the core stabilizes and does not want to change direction. While a symmetrical core will start into motion and will continue to roll in search of the next axis plane. Therefore you get a better reaction with the symmetrical ball drilled over label. Also note almost every manufacturer of high end asymmetrical balls do not recommend drilling asymmetrical balls over label due to the dynamics built into them.  The reason why take a ball built to be super strong and and dill it weak. This defeats the purpose of the balls design. When it comes to asymmetrical balls they are not for everyone. Chris’s advice is to consult your ball driller about using a drilling to take advantage of the built in properties of the asymmetrical cores that will help your game and give you more from those strong balls.

To ask a question of Bob write to askbob@gmail.com