The Roto Grip Shatter is only $89.95 and ships today from Staffer Scott Shiner shows us the motion of the new Roto Grip Shatter bowling ball.
The motion of this ball is very impressive. The backend motion is well defined and the finish through the pin deck is second to none of our test pattern. The cover of the Shatter allows it to glide through the heads but still bite on the back. We could clearly see the added strength of the coverstock as compared to the Roto Grip Rising Star. The Shatter will fit a hole in the “Star” line when the motion you need is more of a skid/flip look.

– Coverstock: 51ML Pearl Reactive
– Weight Block: Neutron Core (14-16 lbs), Modified Caliber Core (12-13 lbs)
– Ball Color: Sky Blue/Emerald All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
– Lane Condition: Medium/Light Oil
– Ball Finish: 4000-grit Abralon
– Flare Potential: 4-5 inches
– RG: 16#-2.56, 15#-2.55, 14#-2.60, 13#-2.63, 12#-2.65
– RG Differential: 16#-0.046, 15#-0.042, 14#-0.044, 13#-0.009, 12#-0.011
– Description: Featuring the same proven, late-rolling Neutron core utilized in both the Rising Star and Shooting Star, the Shatter is a model of consistency, producing good length and strong motion down-lane.
The 51ML pearl reactive coverstock was created to go toe-to-toe with medium to lighter oil conditions. This reliable shell allows the ball to easily clear the front part of the lane and provide you with more stored energy down-lane.
The Shatter produces more length and backend on medium to lighter oil conditions than the Rising Star and Shooting star, creating the perfect combination when paired with either of its predecessors.