Ebonite Pro Staff member Mike Shady joined us this week to discuss his coaching camps.  Check out Mike’s Peak Performance Bowling website here, along with where you can sign up for a clinic.  Mike talks about the seven anchors he discusses in his camps, and briefly discusses each of of them.  Mike gives some practical advice on why your timing may be late, and what he sees in all his “late timers”.  Stay tuned as next month we will discuss the USBC Open with Mike.





  1. Paul Andrew says:

    Excellent insight on timing issues. The “Throwing the Football” analogy when it comes to speed (velocity) and rev rate control adjustment is a great way to get that message across. Awareness on the pivot foot & where the apex of the swing is, plus not helping the ball on the downswing are common tendencies of many players – and good advice on self-checking this for early or late timing corrections. Great interview all the way around.

  2. Denny Burkart says:

    I keep 3 or 4 small footballs in by coach bag and used that analogy 2 weeks before. Thanks for help in how to present it. Mike, you’re a great coach, I hope that you continue to make these podcasts available as they help all of us that love to coach the young people in this great game.

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