Jason Belmonte joined me  to discuss what prompted him to reply to Vin Gerard and his challenge. Gerard posted this video on Youtube video.   Click here to see Jason accepting Vin’s challenge, and talk about what is in store should this bowling match take place.  Jason addressed the people who believe this is all a set up, and critics that believe this is a non story.  Jason gave his thoughts on the Proprietor’s Cup, and why he is a big fan.  We also talk about the new Storm IQ Tour, a ball Jason says needs to be in everyone’s bag.  Take a look at the ball review done by Bowler X, of the IQ Tour.   Jason also is a big fan of the other two Storm releases this month the IQ and the Fire Road.  Be sure to like Above 180 on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter



  1. Gary Parsons says:

    First let me say that it is good you are taking up “the cause” but do not get involved in fighting minor schrimishes that will, in the end, prove nothing. You are young but I am not as I have been involved in this game since 1956 on ALL levels. The problem is not the Vin Gerards as they have been around forever. The problem is not the the bowlers “letting” the deterioration of the imagine of bowling to decline: Golfers back in the 50s and early 60s DID complain bowlers were more respected and better paid. So what happened? The LEADERSHIP of golf understood their product and marketing their product as a sopisticated sport that demanded respect. The went to the corporation marketeers and marketed golf as as sopisticated sport and preceeded to set up two divisions in the PGA: professional golfers and golfing professionals. The PBA did not do this. If the PBA ever does set up a domain to create a divison of bowling professionals (instructors, lanesmen, mechanics, management,etc) the PBA WILL command respect. As a bonus, it will also, probably, double its membership. The way the PBA is promoted now -BOWLING FOR SOUP for example, is the WRONG and counterproductive approch. Starting in the sring of 1972 Fair Lanes Inc started to maket bowling as a recreation and the rest of the industry, as the good sheep they are, followed. This was the start of the ontological decline of bowling and starting in 1983 we can see the empirical decline. All this was the result of “leadership” not knowing its product. The current BPAA leadership is clueless (go back 30 years and see all the hyped up but failed programs), the current Underperforming Short-sighted Boring Corporation has no idea who they are and what their role is and the PBA looks upon itself an an entertaiment entity instead of a sports association. You should go watch some old Championship Bowling ( an EXTREMELY popular synicated bowling show of the 50s and early 60s) and see how bowling was treated and respected with the result of the growth of bowling-as-an-institution. It may start with the Vin Gerards but it MUST end with the Steve Johnsons, the Stu Upsons, the Tom Clarks and their inner circles.

    No more BAD!

    Actually, the “salvation” of bowling will probably come from outside of Arlington. Look for groups like the Underground Bowling Association, the Proprietors Cup, bowlingchat.net and above180.com to become more plentiful and popular while Arlington becomes increasing irrelevent.

    -I am GARY PARSONS and I DO know bowling.

    PS: Carmen Salvino won a Parkersburg W.Va. CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING tournament in, I believe, 1961. He won $10,000 with the Governor of the state presnting him with the check. Fifty plus years later, Norm Duke won a PBA tournament and won $10,000. Nothing else needs to be said.

  2. dick haldenwanger says:

    Right on Gary!

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