At we enjoy bringing you the latest information from the newest bowling balls, to coaching, drilling layouts, and accessories.  This week I am stepping away from my norm of discussing the PBA and will discuss a new product and tell you my findings with this new product.  The product I am reviewing for our viewers today is Bowling Butler’s Grip-Eze.

The Grip-Eze has been specifically designed to absorb moisture off your hands while not leaving any residue behind.  When I first heard of this product I thought to myself how can this product be any different than any other grip sac out on the market, and why would I need this product in my bag?  After talking with Rick Danis from Bowling Butler about this product several times he assured me that this product was different due to the fact that their product absorbs moisture, and does not adsorb moisture.  Rick did a great job explaining to me the difference between absorb and adsorb, basically explaining that the Grip-Eze will absorb your bodies sweat, moisture, water, and even lane oil, where as grip sacs typically adsorb which means to have a substance that adheres to your body like a powdery substance.   In fact the first thing I noticed when trying the Grip-Eze for the first time was that there was no powder like I was use to, which made me think it wouldn’t work.

I tried using the Grip-Eze several different times, and made note of my findings each time while using the product (Please note I only used this product during practice).  The first time I used the product I specifically used it like I normally would use a grip sac while bowling using the Grip-Eze prior to delivering the ball.  I found that it kept my hand dry, and did not leave a residue as described.  I also tried to wipe oil off of the bowling ball, as Rick is trying to get this approved by the USBC to wipe off oil since the Grip-Eze does not leave a residue.  I found that it did absorb the oil off of the ball but needed to be scrubbed several times.  In addition to wiping the oil off of the ball I wiped my hand on the oil and used the Grip-Eze to absorb the oil off of my hand.  I was pleasantly pleased as the oil not only came off of my hand, but also felt comfortable in my lifts as well as thumb hole as if I never even touched oil.  Grip-Eze will be coming out in a variety of sizes and colors, and again are hoping that the USBC will allow bowlers to use this to wipe oil off as well.

For more information on this product please contact Rick Danis at

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Until next time, Shred that Rack!


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  1. Rick Danis says:

    Thank you Mike for the great article and wanted to update you about USBC. I was informed that all grip bags are put in the same category as towels so they are allowed but will not be given any approval from USBC. Because Grip-Eze is NON-Abrasive…it does not go against rule 18 and it does not leave any residue. I was told that I can market the product in any way as long as I do not say it is an approved product. I will be doing to video work showing how clean this product really is coming soon.
    Again..thank you very much for spreading the word and see you on the lanes,

    Bowling Butler

  2. Mike says:


    I appreciate you trying to help improve the sport of bowling. Thank you for updating our viewers on approval status on your product. It was a pleasure working with you.


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